PolitiFact Missouri

I had the opportunity to write for PolitiFact Missouri in Fall of 2017. I was able to fact check people who have real impact on public opinion and government actions. It was a rewarding process as it brought conclusive truth to the audience in an era of fake news. Below are some of the fact checks I worked on.

FACT CHECK: Roy Blunt points out a serious lack of internet infrastructure in Missouri

The internet has become a part of everyday American life, and people are more connected now than ever before. However, some Americans do not have access to high quality broadband services. At the Missouri State Fair, Republican Sen.

FACT CHECK: Tax code is so long that nobody’s really sure of its length

The tax code has been a big topic since President Donald Trump visited Missouri in August. Trump called for tax cuts and policies that he said would grow the economy. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., continues to voice these ideas to Missourians.

FACT CHECK: First cut to Missouri income tax in over 100 years?

Taxes have been a hot topic in the political world lately. President Donald Trump has been calling for reduction of corporate taxes. This is something he talked about when visiting Missouri in August. However, income tax is a hot button topic in Missouri as well.

FACT CHECK: Out-of-context comments inflate stabbing statistics

Mass shootings are on the rise. This year has seen the Las Vegas massacre and two church shootings occur and spur lots of discussion in media, legislature and households. The topic of gun laws continues to be a partisan issue.

Greitens Gauge: Greitens continues to promote police support

During his campaign, Gov. Eric Greitens promised to make sure that police and firefighters have training and support that they need to continue doing their jobs.